Exotic Outings in Kerala

Riverland  capture the delights of God’s Own Country by providing a surreal experience through Alleppey houseboats tour packages. A floating vacation on these backwaters is anyone’s idea of a dream honeymoon or vacation.

Kerala's backwaters form an intricate network of lagoons, lakes, canals, estuaries, and rivers that drain into the Arabian Sea. This labyrinthine water world is over 900 kilometers long and navigable by boats and steamers. Boating along these backwaters offers spectacular views and vistas of Kerala's pristine natural beauty.The houseboat service welcomes nature lovers to experience the celestial beauty of the backwaters of Kerala. You can enjoy, relax, and visit the different aspects of the backwaters. The diverse terrain provides scenic delights that you can see and relish. The expeditions on these best houseboats in Alleppey are an opportunity to see the essence of backwaters in a heritage-styled houseboat. Enjoy a holistic experience in one of the most salubrious settings on the face of the planet.

Coconut palms, the arboreal symbol of Kerala's landscape, fringe the backwaters, framing the blue tropical sky during daytime and a starry twinkling firmament during evenings. The diverse scenery of these coasts holds an enduring charm on a traveler's heart for years hence.

The Houseboats!

At Riverland Houseboats we have a fleet of exquisitely built and excellently maintained houseboats which are akin a floating 3-star hotel. Once you step aboard, you feel at home on a houseboat. It could never be a strange feeling. You feel that you belong to the houseboat. The oarsmen navigate you through the serene and intriguing waters. Called the Kettuvallom, the houseboat is equipped with all amenities for a pleasurable stay and journey.

Luxuriously furnished, these 80-foot crafts serenade through the water silently and in harmony with the surroundings. There are three types of houseboats. The high-end houseboat is denoted by the Luxury tag. Following this tag are Premium and Deluxe types of houseboats. The houseboats have rooms. All rooms have a bathroom attached to them.

There is an open lounge in the houseboat for you to sit down and enjoy the scene around you. A well-stocked kitchenette is available. A captain and chef are on-board. A guide who can speak several languages accompanies you and explains sightseeing splendours.
The houseboats offer a variety of rooms with specific amenities and comforts. Dining options are also there to select from a menu of Indian cuisines.

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